Shakespearean Camping Trip

Me and Douglass outside the wall at 4 AM
I don't think
I've felt so serene in a while.

Sure, doing two cans
Of Red Bull and half a jar of peanut butter
Wasn't the best idea.

But it was nice to
Spend a night without worrying about anything.

Although, there's almost
Nothing to do at 3, 4, and 5 AM.

I read a book, I jogged,
I sketched.  I haven't been so productive.

There really isn't anything
To worry about.
I mean, it's just you, the streets,
The lamp, the stars somewhere,
And most of all, time.  Time's
All you got.  Wasting it is
A bad idea.

What really wasn't nice
Was not getting tickets for the show.

I hope the others lucked out
On the stand by and got tickets.

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