"Didn't I, My Dear?"

Lyrics in title from "Little Lion Man" by Mumford & Sons.  GREAT song.

So I guess
I am trying to leave
This place with as
Little regret as possible.
I've already been to
Most of the eateries
I wanted to go to.
I've visited the stores
I wanted to visit.
I've bought most
Of the things I need
To get started.
I've hung out with most
People I wanted to
Hang out with...

That's a bit of a lie.
One person I won't get
To see because of distance.
The other I should
Not be seeing.
The other has his girlfriend
Over so he's not free.
Plus he has a job and college
To go to.
Another is apparently
Moving to Virginia.
Another I really won't
See because he's not back
When I leave.
Another girl lives
Far away and is going
To college far away.

It really sucks to not see
Them before I leave for college.
But when I do see them,
That just means there will
Be stories and laughter
To be shared.

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