Going Away Picnic Field Trip

Borrowed from facebook.  Left to right: Alice Dork, ArizOHna, Tudor Girl, Hapsberg, GP Polak, and Skrypalʹ.  That's me in the middle.
It was really sweet of Mulan
To do that for me.
She got people together
In the park to like wish me
Going away.

It goes to show people care
About me and stuff
Even though I feel like
I've fallen in a deep
Hole of uselessness.

I guess I was useful as
One point or other.

It's weird,
I'm in a strange limbo
Where I'm trying to
Give as little of a shit
As possible, but
That'd be too easy.

And care doesn't only
Come in the positive form.
You know,
Like gifts and putting food
On the table.
But there's also the negative care.
You know,
Like the person being on your
Mind all the time and you
Can't help but scream
Profanities when they're there.

Dammit, this was supposed
To be a positive post.

But nostalgia's one
Of those feelings that
You don't know if it's positive
Or negative.
That's why I cry.
Because I get confused.
And therefore frustrated.

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