Heads Up

Hi so today there's going to be a reciting of the poem.  Because this is entry 500.

Some people believe in things
Like luck.
You know,
They don't walk under ladders
Or own black cats.
Or they carry rabbit's
Feet to ensure that nothing bad happens.

I'm not one of those people.

I believe in trends.
And sometimes things
Happen over and over again,
But it's generally not superstition.
I don't avoid things because arbitrarily,
Something bad will happen.

I pray sometimes, but

I'm not going to go into how
Prayer could be a superstition.
It's a concept that hurts my head.

Either way, I found a dime on the ground
Last night in the subway.
That's supposed to be lucky.
Maybe I should try something new.
Maybe today,
My luck will change.

Most likely into something I sort of believe in.

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