Innocence's Grad Party (B.O.A.)

8/7/10Fashion Trends & Styles - Polyvore

8/7/10 by jladz65 featuring Coach bags

Yesterday I went to Innocence's long belated graduation party.  It was pretty fun, the food was incredible, and I hung out with a lot of good people.  There was one awkward moment that sort of lasted the whole time, but whatever, it was easy to ignore.  Today, I have a picnic to go to, to which I have no idea what to wear and I haven't posted a legitimate poem in 2 days, so I might go mega casual.

The dress is from American Eagle, the sandals are like those I own that I got in Century 21, purse is from Coach, necklace is from Guess (not Tiffany), and a giant white statement ring.

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