It Hit Me (N.a.P.)

Instead of doing a poem, I'll post some pictures I found on the internets of things that are my favorite things from home that I can't take with me.  All images are from iStockPhoto, Flickr, and the Guardian.  God, I feel so crappy right now.  Why is it only 5 days?

Everything is all ready for packing.  I just picked out my outfits for the next 5 days so that I don't have to sift through what's been put away to find something to wear.  Actually, screw that.  Let's go on sheer spontaneity.

Anyway, about the pics.  Each of those places have lots of meaning for me.  I either hung out there, had a memory there, or met really awesome people there.  And those are pieces of home you can't take with you.  Unless I figure out a way to make everything at Cornell open for 24 hours.  That will most likely wind up being my room.

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