Despicable Me (M.R.)

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Despicable Me has got to be the cutest movie I have seen in a while.  You know the line "It's so fluffy, I'm gonna die"?  This movie is "so adorable, I'm going to disintegrate into a sap and cry by the end".  Which was amazing and does not happen often (I swear).

Steve Carell voices Gru, a large, ambiguously accented super villain who has one goal: to steal the moon!  You can tell this will be a ridiculous kid's movie, because silly villain, you can't steal the moon!  It's too big!  The accent totally made the role and he was so cool as a dad to the three little orphans.  I wish my dad were that cool.  My favorite of the orphans had to be Agnes.  She was so cute and carefree and just wanted happiness for her "sisters," even though some of her ideas were a bit unrealistic.

Everything about the film was adorable.  I would definitely love to own a minion to be cute and adorable and do my things for me.  Like make me a replacement unicorn toy.  My favorite?  Using one as a glow stick. What I truly loved about the movie was the fact that it touched on family love, especially love within an adopted family.  Because any hope of that being positive was completely demolished by that movie, Orphan, for the few that had seen it.  I honestly cried during the end because it was so touching and cute.  There was not a gag during the film that was either disgusting or just plain stupid in the sense that it reminds the audience that they are watching a kid's movie.

Clearly, this review was not as serious as past ones.  But there was nothing wrong with the movie, in my eyes.  It had the right balance of cuteness, silliness, and sentimentality. 

Rating: 10/10

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