Two Days of Class

Taken from p.heartache
It's nice to have friends.  Like, really nice.  So nice, nice is an utter understatement. They're the only thing getting me through the emotionally bizarre past 13.5 months and hardest semester of school ever.  Half of days, I'm totally overwhelmed and just need someone in my room with me so that I don't cry as much as I do.  Nah, I don't cry that much.  Unless I laugh, I do most of my crying during that.  And then I feel like I'm getting a 6-pack.  And then eat a brownie to give myself super-endorphins.  Because, otherwise, a girl goes insane, you know?  Need to relieve the stress.  Somehow.  By doing more work.  I need to jump on computer science.  And chem.  But I feel like I can do it!  I CAN DO IT!


Anonymous said...

Just FYI, it's "past," not "passed."

Joanna said...

Ah thank you! I always get those two mixed up.