Closer to Average, Further From Success

Taken from iheart-myself
Another prelim, another chance for disappointment, another need to reevaluate everything, because, as seems to be the theme of my existence, nothing makes sense.  But I feel as though I did a whole lot of right for this one: I worked through practice prelims, the homework, memorized everything.  It is the prelim that did a lot of wrong for me.  But for some, it did a neutral.  I would love to be in that group of people.  But I am scared of what I would have to give up to be there.  I want to meet someone who got a neutral, or even a good, and not even by accident.  What did they do to prepare?
                         Hours spent alongside a desk and a book.
                         Minutes upon minutes spent at office hours.
                         Cells spent eating up information.
                        Time wasted understanding that
                        Which we didn't discuss.
I should strive to be more like that.  I wonder if they're the same people who put personal relationships above most other things in life.  In my case, a friend being angry or distant at me is more cause for concern than a few bad grades that could make me have to take summer courses.  But either way, I just want something to work out.  Actually, not just something, a whole lot of things. 

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