Not Another Post About Dancing

Taken from all sexxed up and no place to go
Last night I danced,
I laughed,
I kissed,
And it was fun.

He isn't mad
At me because
I get mega-dumb
And kissy
And affectionate

But I met a ton
Of new people.

And I got introduced
As a "cool freshman."

But I still
Shouldn't've kissed him.
At least he's someone
I trust, you know?
Not a stranger.

And at least whenever
Someone asks me if I'm his
Girlfriend, we can both
Say no.
Because that's the truth.
I'm not.
I'm just a (good) friend
Of his.

Last night as a whole was
Much better than staying in
And "doing work"
When I really wasn't
In the mood for much of anything.

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