Stuff I'm Thankful For

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Happy Thanksgiving everyone who takes a gander at the blog!  And everyone who doesn't.  And everyone who doesn't celebrate Thanksgiving.  I actually enjoy writing this entry every year because it makes me take time to slow down and think about everything that is good in life and in my life right now even when stuff seems to be driving me to tears multiple times a week.  Here is a bulleted list of things that have been reminding of what is good in life.

  • Loyola: I am grateful that all four years of work, fun, and emotional trauma had led me to finally graduating.
  • Cornell: I am grateful that all four years of work, fun, and emotional trauma had led me to finally get accepted and allowed me the opportunity to meet awesome people and endure four more years of work, fun, and emotional trauma.
  • Friends in classes: Thank you for putting up with me when I don't get something and come to me for help because I am willing to offer it.  And for the fun times joking around on the balcony or in the back of the class
  • Friends with cars: Thank you for driving me places and all the conversations we have in those cars.
  • Upperclassmen engineering friends: Thank you for reminding me that I'm not doing as badly as I sincerely think I am.
  • Friends back home: Thank you for being there when I need you guys when the above people are totally unavailable.
  • Parents: They take care of me when my friends and friends aren't there.
  • Thumpty and Seal & Serpent: The boys at these fraternities are so nice and so fun and I've met some of my favorite people there.
  • Professors: Thank you for teaching me things and being understanding when I don't have as much time to devote to assignments as I want to.
  • Tutors:  Thank you for being available and responding to emails promptly so that I can thoroughly understand what will be on my finals.
  • Cornell Dining: Thank you for feeding me good food twice a day whenever I get really hungry or when I want to spend time with my friends in the dining hall.
  • Campus Life: Thank you for employing me.  Seriously.
  • Fresh air: Because you don't know what that is until you come back to the city and everything smells awful.
  • Bath tubs: Nothing is more relaxing.
  • Transportation: It beats walking incredible distances by a ton.
  • Coffee, sugar, and protein:  Keeps me up at night and keeps me going until morning so I can get my work done.
  • Music: If the above doesn't work on its own, this serves as an adequate substitute.
What are some things you are grateful for?

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