Taken from A blog full of nothing
I was supposed to talk to him today.  About why we had to stop.  But as the minutes went on and on and the later he got, slowly my mind decided that it didn't care.  And really didn't want to continue.  I need to do more good in my life.  More good in my classes.  More good in my social circles.  I did do good in that.  I got work done with a friend.  And spent time with a friend without really wanting to make out with him.  I'm getting better.  I hope.  I just want the good times to roll in.  And as in "Sam's Town", "I know that I can make it/ as long as somebody takes me home/ every now and then."  Eating burritos, drinking coffee, was so worth skipping chem class for.  I got the notes from someone anyway.

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