Staying In

Taken from p.heartache
I wonder who else is where I am.  That place between want and should.  You want to go out but you should not for fear you'll just make yourself more sick and then give yourself more stress for the two prelims you have this week.  I wonder who else is here.  I want my guitar right now.  Or a stuffed animal.  Just something to hold right now.  And it's because I hate being sick by myself.  Back home, I'd have my parents.  They'd bring me stuff.  Sure, they're coming tomorrow.  But I'm 18 and in college.  I should have...not my parents taking care of me.  If that makes sense...I don't know.  I just want to be better.  So I can go back to my bubbly, sarcastic, adorable self.  And the studious self.  Well, maybe more willing to be studious self.

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