Sunday November 21st (N.a.P.)

I honestly have no time today to think of a decently clever poem about my life and weekend, so you get this instead.  Here is a look into my mind when I do too much and somehow don't get enough done.  Like, waking up before 10 AM on weekend days because I have work and stupid crap like that.  So here is a to-do list of things I need to accomplish or else I am totally fucked this week.

  • If I Get a Ride to Walmart
    • brunch at RPCC at 10:30 AM
    • get in car, go to Walmart
    • come back, do some math homework
    • go to Duffield for tutoring at 1 PM
    • work on chem and computer science all day long
  • If I Don't a Ride to Walmart
    • brunch at RPCC at 10 AM
    • wait hour for bus
    • sit in bus for an hour
    • get on bus to get back which takes an hour and a half including wait time
    • go straight to Duffield, meaning lugging my math textbook to Walmart
    • do work and grumble about buses all day long
I hate how far everything mostly useful in this town is from campus.  I have work to do!  Oh well, who sleeps anymore anyway?


Poetry Is Life said...

sooo did u get to walmart?

Joanna said...

Yes I did :) I had to take the bus, but my friend picked up and I was not late for tutoring! Friends with cars are win.