"You're Winning Me Over, You're Winning Me Over"

Lyrics in title taken from "Moving Clocks Run So Slow" by We Were Promised Jetpacks

Picture taken from Perfectly Composed Brokeness
Not to sound lazy,
But this is getting really hard,
It's been difficult to keep my focus.

Not even referring to school work,
That's about as rough as it gets,
But it's really easy to keep track of.

My below-average-temperature body
Honestly just wants to be held
Prefably by only one person.
Who's going to say
He'll never let go.

And mean it.

Actually, he's going to have to let go
I mean, it's hard to move around
When someone's got their arms around you.

But it'd be nice,
Really...sweet (?)...
To have a cute face to wake
Up to on completely random mornings.
And the night before to be a bit magical.
Living in a single makes that really convenient.

To be fair,
I'm treading pretty dangerous water.
Water that's just deep and black
And easy to get totally drowned in.
Just got to keep treading,
I guess.

But getting through it is tougher work
Than trying to master chemistry online
Or getting through a set of calculus problems
Or programming on a computer.

I guess it's safe to say,
I'm a worker
And a lover.
Not much of a fighter.
But sometimes you have
To fight for your
Job and fight
For your love.

I've been avoiding the latter.
Don't be me.

You let it fall to the wayside,
You're only going to try
When it's just right there.
Sometimes you have to look
In the bushes a bit,
Under a rock,
Or sift through some mud and shit.
But it's there.
Love is there.
I know I'm capable of it.
Have I found anyone who
Wants to share my discovery on the
Wayside?  Perhaps.
I don't know.
But we're going to be awesome
No matter how weird or rough it gets.
Or how easy!
It's important to be there through
The thick, but don't ignore
The thin.

It's there for a reason.
And the thin with my friends
Is helping me get through the
Thick which, for now,
Is finding a steady relationship
And someone to share myself with
(At least for a little while.
Not sure about forever).

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