Easy A (M.R.)

Picture taken from Shockya

This was possibly the best teen flick I've seen since watching Mean Girls for the five millionth time.  Easy A follows the life of a teenager named Olive.  She was a quiet girl until a little white lie about losing her virginity that erupts into a story of silly teen drama and assumed adultery.  The one-liners in the movie were clever and the references to classic literature showed that the humor was much more intellectual than a senseless string of sex jokes.  There were plenty in this one though.  Emma stone was quite endearing as Olive and the whole webcam idea was cute, I thought.
The movie had me thinking though: people suck.  Not that this is a new revelation, but they seriously do.  I mean, I'm sure the aim of the crazy Christian group wasn't to bash Christians because honestly, there are groups of people of any creed that can band together to bring down any one person.  And that sucks.  But it's nice that in the film, Olive had her family and one friend Todd to depend on.  Everyone needs a friend like that.  And reputation shouldn't matter, but having a good one helps a lot.

Rating: 8/10

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