Hello, Mellow

See what I did there?
A pun of two statements.
The statement "Hello world"
Which most kids start their
Programming classes off with
And "Mellow yellow."
I cut off the yellow because
I really don't like the color.

I don't know what's going on.
I mean, I do.
But I can't seem to understand
Why I'm so mellow
All the time.

Things that would normally
Freak me out,
Such as a poor grade
On a test,

I mean, a week ago,
I'd look at him and want to
Strangle something.
Not even a week ago.
Now, I look at him and think,
"Eh, you exist."

A few months ago,
I'd put myself out there and
Get nauseated from the wonder
Of "I hope that wasn't a bad idea."
Now, I just go with it.

Stomach pains do serve a purpose.
They lead to meds.
And those meds do happy things.

Though not always.
One time I took
Asthma meds.
Those made me depressed
And in a Beatles medley mood.

So this calming feeling
Of chill is a nice reprieve.

Makes my first day at work easier.
Makes going to classes easier.
Makes hectic schedules easier.
Makes life in general


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