"I'd Like to Write This One a Letter"

Lyrics in title from "Lovin' It" by Switches

Communication is such a lost art.  Actually, when has it ever been an art to begin with?  Poetry's an art because of the clever musings and tripping over phrases because they are simply that good.  I mean, I read Rimbaud and don't know what's going on but the way he uses repeat phrases is just captivating.  And the discordant images that remind me a lot of "Bohemian Rhapsody" and just make my head go in circles.  But if poetry were used as a means of communication, and poetry is art, is communication art in that case?  But no one thinks that hard.  People communicate in actions, because they scream in comparison to any word.  Like when someone wants you to do something, instead of asking you, they just put the task under your nose.  Thanks for the scale, mom.

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