Taken from Perfectly Composed Brokeness
Since I know he looks at this blog, I feel a tad creepy blogging my feelings. Especially since they're in relation to him.  And I almost never blog when I'm happy; I'm usually in some weird state of infatuation because, hell, I have a boyfriend and that makes any teen-year-old with major insecurity issues giddy.  But how can you not be happy when you have someone who, when you have yet another unfortunate bout of food poisoning on the same week as a prelim, brings you crackers and offers to put on your favorite show and then just lies in bed with you until morning?  How can you feel bad about anything?  I mean, I'm stressed out about my prelim, but I know I am going to do better than last time.  I'm in the mindset that I can do things.  Why?  I don't feel bad right now.  I actually feel completely amazing.

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