The Social Network (M.R.)

Poster from Social Network Trailer
A few?  The Social Network is a riveting dramatization of the founding of facebook that makes the situation seem like Mark Zuckerberg has zero friends.  But film is film, so of course everything will be dramatic.

What I personally loved about the movie is the script and the way the directors and producers interwove the story of facebook's founding with the two major lawsuits Zuckerberg had been involved with, namely with the Winklevoss brothers and another with his cofounder, Eduardo Saverin.  The film goes into great detail the social and relationshipal challenges of starting the groundbreaking social-networking site of the decade.  It also touches on a few financial matters, but if you do not have some basic knowledge of business or economics, the business talk might be difficult to follow.  It is, however, easy to tell when a transaction or contract went well or not judging by the characters'.  Jesse Eisenberg performed impressively as Zuckerberg, especially copying the curt, expository way he speaks to everyone while still maintaining a seemingly calm demeanor.

Another thing I loved from the movie was the fact that Trent Reznor cowrote the soundtrack.  Though I am not a huge fan of Nine Inch Nails (funny, because I am a sucker for industrial anything), the soundtrack fit the mood and definitely added suspense even though there were no action-movie sequences in the film.

Though the cherry on top for me was the fact that this movie portrayed recent history.  And the people involved are so young (Zuckerberg and Saverin are only 26).  So it is definitely easy to put in perspective of the current young adult scene.

Rating: 9/10

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