Senior Picnic and KickAss Friday! (B.o.A.)

So I bought myself a dress from Urban Outfitters that I really wanted to wear so I wore it to school and damn, I got a lot of compliments on it. Hehe. The picnic was alright. We sat outside on the Great Lawn and chilled. I'm worried I got a bit of color, since I prefer the way my skin looks when it's pale than when it's tan. To each her own? I mean, I don't like the sickly anemic look, but light brown or bronze just doesn't work for me.
I didn't exactly wear those shoes or that necklace. For some reason, I can't find the Steven Madden harle booties I wear online so I can post a picture. The dress and cardigan are both from Urban Outfitters, the eyeliner is from Stila, the lipstick is Benefit, and foundation in by Sally Hansen's Natural Beauty collection by Carmindy, and I got a similar necklace for Christmas from my aunt.

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