AP Recap

I went into AP Spanish
And all I thought was
"Shit, no hablo español."
As the test progressed,
It kept cutting into
The time I needed to
Spend on my stats test.
I think I definitely got a 1.

Then I went into stats,
On a barely full stomach
And I might've done pretty well.
That's counter intuitive, but I felt
like I knew something about
Graphs and inferences.

Then English wasn't bad
And all that points to
Is a really really awful curve.
I probably didn't do as well
I thought I did.
Hello, freshman writing seminar.

And then bio was today,
The last AP I'll ever take,
And I also think that went
Pretty well. But that usually
Points to one thing: I probably
Failed that shit.

But at least it's all over. :)

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