Nostalgia Part 1: Regrets and Fond Memories

What is something you will always fondly remember, something you regret?

For better or worse, I will always remember my sophomore year. I think it was the time where I had to really a)reinvent who I thought I was or b)figure out who I thought I am. I mean, so much went on. From extreme hate to lots of love. I think I regret falling so soon for MSCBFF. Like, I don't even know if it was necessary. I mean, we went out for 6 months. But that's what being young is for: being completely stupid. If you haven't been stupid in four years, better get those bad ideas and dumb mistakes out of the way fast. =] After doing all that crap, I think I'm a better person now. At least I think I have more credibility.

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