Kick-Ass (M.R.)

This movie was bizarre. Not so much bizarre as totally freaking fun. It was won in the total ridiculosity and special effects department. Me not being a huge fan of comics was probably the only down bit.

So the premise is a kid who wants to be a superhero so he designs his own costume. He also puts up a MySpace so that people can message him about local crime that he can go and stop. So what starts out to be an internet sensation goes off to things seemingly high above his head.

Now most parents who saw the movie were greatly offended by the amount of gore and cursing, especially made by the pre-teen character Hit Girl. Well, the movie was rated R for a reason and it is just a movie role. It really added to realness of it, though. I mean, if I had someone pointing a gun to my head after I failed to shoot them, my reaction would be "aw shit." Not staring menacingly or defeatedly as they manage to make it out in pg-13 movies.

The teenaged humor and situations were cleverly intertwined with the superhero epicness so I guess it appealed to two types of audiences. Maybe.

Rating: 9/10

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