Future Husband

It's a thing most teenage
Girls think about from
Time to time.
Usually for fun.
For some, seriously.
I read the most interesting
Sentiment the other day:
Do you ever wonder what your future husband is doing/thinking?
Since I get my best thinking
Done in the shower,
I thought about it myself.

Do they sing in the shower?
Do they play an instrument?
Are they wondering where
They're getting dinner the next night?
Are they worried they won't
Have a good time with the people
They hang out with?
Do they have a good time anyway?
Do they worry about the same
Stupid crap that comes up in my
Mind as I do?
Do they worry that they'll
Never meet me or that
We're never going to work out
Because it's never our fault?
Do they want a son named Nathaniel?
Do they get inexplicable
Panic attacks?
I wonder if they do pilates.
Nah, they're a guy.
They probably do more
Hardcore stuff than that.

What if no one is thinking about
Me that way.
That's a possibility too.
But that's the easy way out.

To not believe

Is the easy way out.

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