Nostalgia Part 3: Teachers

Which teacher has had the most impact on you?

Positively or negatively? For the positive impact, I'd say my calculus teacher junior year and freshman English teacher. I did my best writing in freshman year. I mean, junior year? My writing was poo. Sophomore and senior year? That was somewhere in the middle. My calc teacher taught to learn for the sake of learning. Not because of grades. That's not to say grades aren't important. They are. Sorry kids. But have fun while learning. Even if that means learning history as a long series of expletives.

The negative list is funny. Top of it? I'd say my first semester of junior year physics teacher. When your job is stressful to the point where you ask the kids to play quarters and describe why their favorite color is their favorite color in relation to a lesson on light, you leave. But not until you've finished the year. We needed more ridiculous episodes in class, even if that meant we'd fail the final. And then get a million point curve! But as a result, I never learned physics. Shut up, yes, there is a study guide. How much of it do I know? Nothing. And I'm going to engineering school. Then there was my junior year English teacher and the freshman and sophomore year history teacher. Those were fun. I've never experienced such animosity towards students from anyone ever. Eh, it wasn't so much animosity. As anger towards students. And favoritism.

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Crystal Xizzle said...

Animosity? Anger? Try pure hatred