The VH1 Sundays = BET Argument (N.a.P.)

Source: VH1.com

Tonight is the first night in a long time that I am not watching VH1.  Tonight's line-up: Brandy and Ray J: a Family Business, Basketball Wives, and What Chilli Wants.  I have nothing against celebrities who happen to be black.  What I do have a problem with is having a night seemingly dedicated to them.  Why not spread them out?  Have Brandy and Ray J on a Monday and still keep the other two on Sunday?  It just seems strange to me.  But there's a deeper issue VH1 has to deal with.

People liked VH1 for the characters on it, such as New York, Meghan, Lacey, etc.  These people were so exaggerated.  When I first started watching programs such as Rock of Love: Bus and Charm School, I did think the programs were dumb.  But after a while, they got really entertaining.  Because of how crazy these characters were.

But now the network wants to take a classier, more fabulous direction.  But glamor, honestly, is a bit boring.  The Let's Talk About Pep program got really boring really quickly.  The style of the show was interesting, but the subject matter.  No one really cares about the individual dating lives of celebrities no one cared about when they were famous.  The shows such as I Love Money and the entire of Love dating universe proved more interesting.  The only show I really want to watch now is Tough Love: Couples because of the dramas and Price of Beauty because I like learning about other cultures.  TRANSform Me's novelty of having transgendered makeover women wore off quickly.  TLC has a similar program that is more successful called What Not to Wear.

In my opinion, if VH1 wants to keep that classy aspect, it should mix it up with the trashiness.  And not have nights devoted to either.

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