New Level! (N.a.P.)

I give you pretty girl working out, you give my blog the time of day. Haha, just kidding. I love looking on istockphoto for pictures relevant to blog entries and MySpace secrets posts. So you can assume that I don't look like the woman to the right. There are no pictures of me in minimal clothing on the internet. At least I hope not.

Anyway! So school got out a bit early today so instead of wasting time strolling the upper east side with my friends, I went home. The fact that some of my besties, like Mulan and Electrohead, were on track motivated me to get some exercising done. I usually do, but on hot days, getting the motivation is impossible. I like my cold. So I did pilates and went onto my strength training regimen. Well, it's not really strength training. It's working out with weights. Either way, I can usually get through one cycle of it.

But today! I did two! I feel like a win! I couldn't push my body hard enough to do a third, but that's okay. Getting to three shall be my goal for the next time I work out.

Working out is awesome. For those of you who read the blog wanting to lose weight, working out really helps for toning and stuff. But you can't have a crappy diet and great work out and expect to look like that! That's what I've learned from eating the school cookies (they be so good though!). I'm trying to lose some more weight before I go to college so that when (unfortunately, not if) I gain the Freshman 15, it won't be as bad. At least at one of my accepted schools, the gym is right next to the engineering campus.

Anyway, that's all I wanted to say today. I wonder how many cycles I'll do tomorrow!

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