Oh the changes.
Sometimes it's worth it.
Most often, it probably

If it isn't an eight or a nine
Or a ten out of ten,
It definitely isn't.

I used to put myself out
There, in hopes of letting
Someone in.

Now, I kind of keep the door open.
Like an ignorant, New York kid.

Stuff I thought that used to matter,
Like dates, kisses, and love and sex,
Just don't take priority
Right now.

Half empty or half full?
Is a question people tend to ask.

To determine a positive or
A negative person.

I'd say it's pretty damn full.

The things I used to obsess
Over, that like invaded my head
(Imagine a chasm at the end of a broken dam)
Just don't matter.

And I guess it's just all better.
Being open-minded made it that way.

You meet someone
And think they are cool...

Just go talk to them to see if they actually are.
Reality is better than fantasy.

Because at least then you know it's real.
And nothing's ever certain
Until you give it a shot.

I think I'm going
To try giving it a shot.

All you can do is miss, right?

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