Graduation Dress Shopping (B.o.A.)

Today I went graduation dress shopping after my senior exit interview. It wasn't so bad. It was really nice of my old math teacher to notice how much weight I've lost. But today, I really didn't feel all too slim or tiny. Trying on white dresses didn't help much either.
So this is the first I tried on. I liked the waist, but I feel it made me look huge. It rounded out my hips a bit much. Sorry about awkward-ass pose. Plus, I think it qualifies as off-white, not white.
This is the second. I really like the cut and shape. Bonus to not having to think about accessories, haha. I really liked the detailing, which is evidenced in the purple dress that I tried on for prom a while ago.

This third one I absolutely LOVED. Of course, it was the most expensive of the three. I think I have accidentally expensive taste. I should really check price tags before I try something on. Anyway, when I lose a bit of my belly, it'll look awesome. With pilates and strength training, it is an achievable goal!

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Anonymous said...

You look awesome.