Tool Academy Finale (T.V.C.)

So they picked Jacob. I now saved you watching an hour (or two if you want to) of the finale. I don't really know what to say. I wasn't rooting for him the entire time. Honestly, I wanted Jennavecia to win. Not because I'm a chick and she's a chick--that's just stupid. She kind of backfired on herself towards the end though and it might have been a bit of a ploy by Dayna and Angelo to get them off. Kyle seriously rocked.

My favorite moment? Kyle's makeover. Right, that wasn't aired on the second to last episode, but it's readily available online. Seriously, I've never seen a man so comfy in his masculinity. Actually...I got one of my friends to wear a bikini once. Yes, he was male. No, he was (and still isn't!) gay or transgendered.

Favorite screen shot? Dayna's face when Jacob kicked over the TV. I didn't think the oval-shaped, shocked duck face was possible in real life. I guess it is.

Favorite tool? Jordan. There's a difference between favorite tool and person I wanted to win. Jordan...I don't know if he really cared, but his commentary about Jennavecia in relation to the tools and other topics was just great. Plus, he had awesome hair and was really funny. So was Kevin though. Besides cheating on his wife, he didn't really have that flamboyant tool personality everyone else seemed to have. Oh well.

I hope Jennavecia, after watching her blow up, goes to Charm School. That would be incredible. Can't wait for Tool Academy 4!

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