The Lighthearted Entry First (N.a.P.)

I am going to start off with a disclaimer: Green Day is my favorite band ever.  So of course, I thoroughly enjoyed (loved) the American Idiot musical.

Honestly, it was a lot of fun.  Translating the songs from their alt rock existence to the stage was flawless.  Some of the parts, such as lines in "Jesus of Suburbia," made more sense when sung by girls.  John Gallagher Jr, who played Johnny, had such an incredible energy.  He did a great job portraying a stoned/in love/ stoned/ desperate human being trying to make it in the world.  Or in recent past America.

The story followed the one presented in the American Idiot.  That's appropriate, considering that the musical is based off it.  But some extra songs from 21st Century Breakdown and few B-sides from the namesake disc were also added.

It was a one-act and the stage morphed so awesome.  A few of the "stunts" were awesome, like when the cast pulls down the stairs to make a bus while Johnny is standing on top of it.  So many strobe lights and effects and the television showing motifs from iconic, early 2000's images really added to the story.

This also reminded me why I feel in love with Idiot in the first place.  It's about a guy whose life sucked, he tried to make it better, but that sucked, and he's back at square one.  To me, it shows that you can epically mess up and still be alive and allowed to start anew.

Yeah, I read into my albums too much sometimes.  But I recommend this really fun musical which might include Broadway's first mosh pit.  Or not.

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