Burn Out

Not talking about
A video game
That ends in the
Word "revenge."

There are 5 weeks left.
Not that much time.
The shortest quarter ever.
And school ended two hours

Book sit patiently
In my backpack,
Waiting for me
To open them.

But I don't think
They really want to be.
It's because of the abuse.

I constantly crease pages,
Strain the stitching on the back,
Toss them on my bed
When I'm done.

Do they really need all
That violent action.

But then again,
In four weeks,
I won't need them

Because that fifth week
Is the week from hell.

No more textbooks,
But plenty of testing.

Please tell me
That at least the texts
Have served their
Purpose of actually
Trying to teach me

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