Don't Lose Touch

Sometimes people drift apart.
They don't talk anymore
Or someone joins a different club.

Lots of drifting apart
Will happen once the seniors
Go to college.

And I realized
That some people I will
Totally lose touch with.

Because they are awful
At texting back.

Because they are awful
When conversing online.

Because they never
Pick up their phones.

And facebook?

I want something a bit more
Because with social networking...

You don't even have to say a word
To the person.
Most of the time.
You can just look
At their page and know everything.

New album with lots of
People you never seen before?
They have new friends and they party with them.

Relationship status change?
Looks like they either got an other
Or broke up.

New profile picture?
Wow, they totally let go.
Or hey, nice haircut.

All without saying a word.

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