Tron: Legacy (M.R.)

Taken from The Stalker Blog
This movie has been one of the best visual rides ever.  Sure, there were basically three colors used in The Grid part of the film, but Tron: Legacy had been so engaging, I was just fascinated with the lights and sounds.  The plot was surprisingly consistent and followed classic Disney format.  But even though it does not exactly end happily, there is a triumph of man over machine.

There were a few highlights for me.  For one, Jeff Bridges's face.  I mean, he has aged pretty okay.  But the digital de-aging of him was incredible.  You take a pretty old dude and make his face look like he is years younger, around 30 most people said, is pretty incredible.

Another highlight: the soundtrack.  I am huge techno nerd, to the max.  So the fact that Daft Punk wrote the soundtrack completely made me excited.  In the same way I reacted to the fact that Trent Reznor wrote The Social Network soundtrack.  My favorite, as is most people's, is the track named "Derezzed." It played during the lounge scene and I am so happy I finally have it on my iPod.

And the last highlight, the bodies of the women.  In order to fit into those skin-tight, glowstick outfits, apparently all the actors had to remain in tip-top shape.  So, I am resolving to get through a Tron: Legacy-inspired workout in order to get my body at the same place.

I highly recommend this movie to people fascinated with computers and the internet.  The whole movie is a metaphor for the internet haha.

Rating: 8/10

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