Taken from ΔNIMΔL
Below average,
But above failing.

Never been so happy that I jumped up and down.  I got something I want: a non-failing grade in a class I had a ton of trouble in.  Rationally speaking...I should have given up after that second test.  But, in total me fashion, I did not.  I don't like giving up.  It hurts a part of me that's been in existence only a few years so it is pretty prepubescent: my pride.

But I enjoyed the feeling of not being at the bottom.
I hate looking up.
I prefer looking around.
Below is a pretty bad place to look too.
The void stared back.

The void of failing and I had the most intense staring contest ever on Friday.  I stared so hard, it brought me to tears.  Tears.  I don't want the same thing to happen again.  I will show my last final who is boss.  Because I always win.

Not always.

There have been a handful
Of times where I won.

Can this last final be added to that list?

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