Taken from ECRKS
I can't even decide how I feel right now.  I feel unprepared.  Wildly unprepared.  Even though I worked for about 11 hours yesterday on chemistry and computer science and I still feel wildly unprepared.

I feel unprepared for what going home is going to be like.  I try to remember that all the stuff going on isn't mine.  It isn't mine to worry about, but it's about people who have settled into a niche in my heart.  And I don't want them to hurt, and I'm so stupid because I hurt for and with them when they don't need it.  Maybe it's because all I have to worry about is making it through my freshman year in one piece.  Actually, making it through college in one piece.  I'm a bit glad I am stuck in Ithaca for 2 days longer than I have to be.  I can sleep and think and read and sleep and maybe see a few people.  And then sleep some more.

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