Double Outfits! (B.O.A.)

So today, my friend and I went shopping and this is what I wore:

The sweater comes from a thrift store, the tank from Victoria's Secret, necklace from Urban Outfitters, hat from...uh...my mom got it for me, the jeggings from American Eagle, and boots from Steve Madden.  I thought it was a solid outfit.

Yesterday, we saw Phantom of the Opera on Broadway and Black Swan in theaters.  This is what I wore to that:

Sorry that this is lop-sided, blogger was glitching a little.  But the top is from Urban Outfitters, the blazer also from Urban Outfitters, the jeans from American Eagle, and the bracelet I wore was also from American Eagle.

So tomorrow I am posting the year reflection and my resolutions at midnight.  And I hit 365 entries.  YAY FOR ACHIEVEMENT!

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