First Semester: Top 10 Academic Moments (N.a.P.)

So as you people know from my blog, I've led a pretty active social life and an emotionally demolishing academic life.  But it's all in good fun.  Since today was the last day of classes, I am writing about the top moments in my classes.  Because the social and study life hasn't ended quite yet.

  1. Getting really close to the mean on my last calculus prelim: It had to happen eventually, but it was such a good feeling, I ate a chocolate chip cookie.  My tummy is going to hate me in a bit.
  2. Doing an entire assignment for computer science by myself: I cried a lot.  I cried while doing it, I cried when it was done, I cried when I got a good grade.  Mind you, the last two were out of happiness.
  3. Playing a game in chemistry class: It was ONE TIME.  And it was hilarious.
  4.  8 AM classes: Never again.
  5. When my TA didn't show up for discussion: It was the Tuesday before a prelim.  We could have actually benefited and she decided to just not show up due to sickness and then have office hours when no one could come.
  6. Going out on Thursdays and making it to class every Friday: It is QUITE the accomplishment.  Trust me.
  7. Freshman Writing Seminar class: Listening to a professor talk for 75 minutes each "discussion"?  Never again.
  8. Not having a stable syllabus in FWS: There's an only time for everything.
  9. Taking that first prelim:  I've never felt so scared in my life.  And it was pouring rain.  NOT FUN.
  10. Creating the sun in chem class: Burning magnesium has about the same light intensity as the sun.  Don't try it now, just go to a 2090 lecture before a break.  Or the end of the year.
I just have to survive finals.  And then move onto semester 2 of engineering school.  I WILL SURVIVE, BITCHES.

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