"Your Lipstick Stains"

I can't get that song out
Of my head.
Is it because it plays
In the senior section
Multiple times a day?
Or do the lyrics actually
Mean something to me?

I can't really relate to
Any of the feelings
Expressed by it.
Only in the realm
Of relationship posthumous.

And I usually always add on
To whatever relationship or
Lack there of woes I have
The phrase, "but that's okay."

There's a nagging voice
Somewhere back there
That tells me otherwise.

And Curly said that
Maybe we're all just
Redoing the same thing,
Finding our other half,
Lifetime after lifetime.

Or something like that.

What if I failed many times before?
And never found that person?
What if I succeeded and million times before?
What if this is just an endless cycle of
Doing things you can't remember
Because every life time
Is independent of the other.
And there's no way to gain insight,
But just going by instinct.
Well guess what?

We've got nothing but time.

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