I Actually Kind of Love How I Look Now...(N.a.P.)

I actually kind of love how I look now. I have the cutest tummy. It comes in at the waist pretty awesomely and it's really good seeing my hard work pay off. Oh. Yeah I sound a bit like a pregnant lady, but I'm not! Pregnancy is gorgeous but not for me (right now). I can wait a few years for a kid.

I'm watching My Life as Liz and it's the prom mini-arc. Her prom looks like so much fun, but mine will be cool too. I am going to look like a princess. Seriously, I'm getting a tiara and white, lace wrist gloves. And the prettiest shoes ever. I haven't been to a semi-formal, which is tonight for sophomores and juniors. So me being sick and cooped up at home sucks because most of my friends are partying in up. I hope it's fun for them though. I still have the dress I was planning on wearing last year. I might wear it on some random day when I want to feel really pretty.

Today I would, but I want to celebrate my natural beauty. SPA DAY FOR THE WIN!

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