The Price of Beauty (T.V.C.)

Though technically a reality TV show because it is on vh1, I find it more of a documentary. It is kind of difficult to take seriously because of the aforementioned facts and Jessica Simpson being the host. But the documentary sort of aspect of it is quite fascinating.

Jessica Simpson goes on a world tour in search of what other cultures find beautiful. Let us do a quick brainstorm of American beauty ideals: slim build, ample breasts and butt, good hair, etc. etc. At least that is what I have noticed. In other countries, they have other ideals.

Her first stop is Thailand, where being pale is gorgeous. Here it seems to be more popular to be tanned. There is a tribe in the Northern region of the country who thinks that long necks are pretty. But what is interesting is that they also talk about the dangers of trying to fit the ideal. One woman wound up dangerously dying her skin, experiencing vitiligo-like symptoms.

I am looking forward for the next episode, which is about France.

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