I Don't Take Myself Seriously All the Time

Sometimes I get super intense
Over things.
Like boys I like,
And whatnot.

But when it comes down to it,
I don't take it too seriously.

I mean,
One boy isn't into me,
I got another boy's number
But so what?

We're still going to be friends.
Something may or may not
Come out of having his number.

But I'm still going to be me.
My hearts going to keep beating.
So is everyone else's.

Well, it stops someday.
But for the time being,
It's going to keep on
Beating at a steady 66
Beats per minute.

And plus.
I'm going to college.
Seriousness where
Seriousness is due.

The things mentioned above,
Can be taken lightly.

At least for now.

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