I Want To Be An Artist

Not professionally,
But I want to be an artist.

A woman with a word choice
That can demolish hearts in
One line
And put them back together in
The next.

I want to write poems
That can change the world.

Maybe not in the way
That Shakespeare impacted
All of English literature
Or the way Paul McCartney
And John Lennon
Changed the face of the music
World one song at a time.

But I want to be able to
Change a person's mindset.
Not anyone specific.

I want someone to read one
Of my poems
And be able to relate.
Or be able to gain some insight.

I mean, compared to most people,
I don't know jack shit.

But I want what I do know
To help others
Or speak to people
With words that I didn't know
I could say.

I want to be an artist.
I want someone to notice.
To hear my words and
Actually think about them.

Even if it's a stupid poem
About a speck on a window
Or how skinny I feel
Or how crazy I am
About a certain person.

I just want people to listen.
Or at least read.

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