Questions My Horoscope Asked Me (N.a.P.)

Where are you meeting people?
In school or through friends. Or I pick them up on the street. Well, school hasn't worked out very well because I get too close and friendly and then dating is weird. Or they're not ready. Or it gets really weird during the break up and everyone knows everything minutes before it happens. Through friends...I don't know. That just hasn't worked out and I always felt like...the odd one out? Like the outsider, I guess. And picking up random people...well that worked out (sort of) with MSCBFF and One Guy. But now it's been an awkward string of 20-year-olds. Um, NO!

What do you usually do to get to know them?
Talk a lot online or on phone. Talk about really random stuff. I think I just don't flirt enough because I'm afraid of coming off as that girl. I want to be different, but I hold back a lot. I sort of do this thing where I try determining if they're a total dick before I try putting myself out there. Sometimes they still are. Sometimes, we get too close and we mutually friendzone each other. Or play mixed signals hockey. You pick.

Damn, dating's been on my mind a lot lately. I just want to learn from my mistakes so I don't do the same stuff again. I like affection but I can wait...I think.

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