Fun Stuff? (N.a.P.)

So I woke up this morning with an asthma attack. Ugh. The thing I hate is that if I take my asthma pump early enough in the morning, I'm so wobbly. Like, I can't stand and talk to people normally because I'll be teetering. Yep, Electrohead got a first-hand experience of that. And PhotographEEr did too earlier in the year when I almost fell over because I lost motor control in my knees. At least I'm not on that God-awful asthma medication that made me extremely depressed and had me singing the Beatles.

Saturday I have a speech tournament, which I think my body is protesting. Haha, go me and psychosomatic rebellion. Fun part about the tournament is that I'm doing to be doing duo with Douglass and I'm excited. I kind of want to do something serious, well not serious as in "not funny" but serious as in kind of prepare something. Oh well.

Now I am going to go cook.

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