Sharing a Bed with Someone

Taken from hopingfortheshore
There's nothing like it, not even a snuggle on a coach can be comparable to the warmth and belonging you feel while in the same bed with a person.  But it also makes you extremely spoiled and needy.  The first night might be all rainbows and roses because, hell, you have an extremely cute person hanging out in a bed with you.  But later you realize that you all of a sudden can't sleep without their arms around you.  You just want them to always be there in bed with you, even if it meas walking about an hour to get to your room.   But then they get uncomfortable because hugging someone all night is not exactly the most comfortable position.  And so you argue and then, oh no, they want to sleep in their own bed.  And that's when you have the awkward revelation that you need to retrain yourself to sleep on your own.

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