Taken from lesbiancupcake
It infinitely manages to completely frustrate me when my mother acts as if she knows everything about weight loss and exercise.  If she did, why is she not the size two she seems to constantly nag me to be?  If she did, why is there no R.D. after her name?  If she did, why isn't she a professional fitness trainer?  Has she not considered that the reason for my constant bloating right now is caused by other things, one of which is rude to discuss with other people?  Is she aware of the fact that sitting there on the ground, doing crunches for hours, will NOT get me the results she so desires me to have?  And part of me wants it.  But it's the unhealthy part of me.  The part of me that wants to heavily restrict calories, not eat, work out without eating, consume nothing but celery and spinach, and other sick behaviors.  But the greater part likes me as I am.  I have achieved more in fitness than some of my skinny friends.  So I honestly do not see her deal, except for the fact that she might be projecting her insecure feelings onto me.

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