New Year's Resolution 2012 (N.a.P.)

So, as usual, I make resolutions every year mostly based on the mistakes I make the year before.  Though 2011 was fairly difficult, I achieved most of my goals and so now, naturally, it's time to make new ones.  Here they are!
  • Weigh 135 pounds by December 31st, 2012
  • Maintain my closes friendships
  • Bring my protein intake down to 25% (I was going to shoot for 10%-15%, but baby steps)
  • Increase my intake of fruits and vegetables
  • Bake everything in Babycakes by the end of 2012 (and blog about it)
  • Post 3 looks a week on lookbook.nu
  • Actually maintain my music tumblr
  • Read 5 to 10 books
What are your resolutions?

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