The Hunger Games

My new year's resolution of reading 5 to 10 books has just completed round 1 of rounds 5 or 10.  I started with the The Hunger Games.

The book was very sad yet exciting, filling the post-apocalyptic setting that I tend to enjoy.  Though very fast-paced, the book has slower moments where we wait with our main character, Katniss Everdeen, and learn of her life at home and the moments that make her herself.  There was action, adventure, and a bit of romance.  I'm learning that I am enjoying books about girls in tough situations that they somehow overcome, with skill and/ or luck.  They aren't Mary Sues who have everything handed to them.  And that's the kind of strength that needs to be shown to little girls.  This book, though for young adults, has a strong dark side, a side of war that not many people have to witness or endure, where teenagers kill other teenagers for survival.  This story makes the horror a lot more structured, but spares us no details of the horrific sights Katniss endured while participating in the games and surviving.  I cannot wait to read the aftermath.

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